Boy Birthdays

This has a rice cereal treats lid, the rest is covered in Buttercream,Satin Ice,
  lots of gumpaste pieces and cute store bought candy.

This is all chocolate cake iced in Italian Meringue Buttercream, then sculpted and covered in Satin Ice. It was airbrushed and finished off with gumpaste wings
 and plastic domes from product packaging
(light bulb packages, misc. toy packaging...dollar store is a great place to go look for these).

This is an Ice Cream Cake for a 13-year-old boy who just wanted a delicious cake to eat, w/no specific design. I was totally inspired by kjt 's cake on I think it was for a grown man who loved cars. I just thought the design was simple and clean and perfect for a boy of this age. Iced in Italian Meringue Buttercream . Marble Cake w/Cookies n Cream Ice Cream.

This cake was for a family friend named Aidan.
He loved it and I was thrilled !
Brown Buttercream bark, Satin Ice top and fondant critters.

All American Sports. Buttercream with fondant accents.
(This one is old and embarrassing !)

Transformers Cupcake Cake. Buttercream with chocolate transfers.

Dallas Cowboys Cupcake Cake. Buttercream, chocolate transfers with fondant.

Lakers Basketball Cupcake Cake. Airbrushed Buttercream
 with a large chocolate transfer.

Pirates of the Caribbean Birthday Cake.
Ship is modeled after Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl.
Sculpted, stacked and covered in Satin Ice. 

This little guy was a model of a marooned Jack Sparrow
 next to his treasure chest(and boy was he a pain!).
 Went along with the Black Pearl ship.

I loved this treasure chest,it sat right next to Jack.
 This was a companion piece to the Black Pearl ship.
The Birthday boy's mommy saved it as a keepsake, I feel so special !!

Birthday cake for two year old little boy. The puppy's house is rice cereal treats.
Everything but the dog tag was edible.

                              This is just a closeup of that Adorable pup !

This Birthday cake was for my very Special nephew Seth.
He happens to be one of the cutest men in my life !!
 Edible images,fondant, gumpaste and Buttercream.

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