Military Cakes

Iced in Buttercream with Satin Ice accents and a gumpaste figure.
This little soldier gave me alot of trouble but after ordering a how-to video
from Lorraine McKay @ Extra Icing on the Cake Blog
 I think he came out pretty cute!

My husband's promotion to MSG.Iced in Buttercream with a homemade fondant flag and edible image plaques.

Special Forces military Farewell . Buttercream with a large chocolate transfer.

Special Forces Change of Command Cake. Buttercream and edible image banners and plaques .

Special Forces Airborne. Buttercream and chocolate transfer.

Special Forces Christmas. IMB and chocolate transfer.

Special Forces "Change of Responsibility" ceremony. Buttercream, edible image plaque , and fondant flag.
Jump Master Wings.Chocolate Buttercream, a fondant banner, chocolate transfers and coins.
Civilian of the Year award.
 Buttercream, edible images and a fondant ribbon bow.

Special Forces 21st Birthday.
 Buttercream, edible image plaques and a gumpaste banner.

Groom's Cake for Soldier.
 Buttercream, a fondant flag and gumpaste dogtags.

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