Wedding Cakes

This Celtic Knot Cake was iced in IMB with edible image wraps I made.
 Gumpaste poppy (my first try at it) in an eggplant color.
 The cake was a sweet potato rum cake with cream cheese and praline filling.

Happily Ever After
 This cake was designed around this mammoth topper, I had lots of problems
 but managed to work everything out and 12 hundred hours later,
it was done and I was actualy happy with it (that never happens).

This was supposed to be the third tier but because of the size of the topper
 it threw everything out of whack, Instead I made it special in its own way and set it
 at the bride and grooms table and they loved it (thank God)! 

Military Groom's Cake
 This goes with the Happily Ever After Cakes, they were all for a Military wedding.

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